We’re here to offer
 energetic Consciousness Transmissions to accelerate your Awakening.

Every person has a Level of Consciousness. As we grow on the spiritual path, it increases as we gradually open up to our natural state of Enlightened Consciousness. An energetic Consciousness Transmission from someone who has stabilized at a high level can dramatically raise yours.

Levels of Consciousness and the journey to Enlightenment


The Levels of Consciousness (LOC) is a conceptual framework first developed by David Hawkins M.D, Ph.D, after many decades of research. It looks at various psychological and mental states as they clearly correspond to the different levels of consciousness from 20—1,000.

This approach is very new, yet it is still in line with the wisdom traditions, where higher levels of consciousness correspond to greater psychological integration and harmony with life. ​However, this model itself is a concept and therefore should not be taken as an expression of Absolute Truth. It may be a helpful guide for some, but we don’t need to make a religion out of it.


The Levels of Consciousness is like a map to guide us. To track your progression between sessions, we do an energy assessment using kinesiology to see where you are. Everyone’s journey is unique and there’s no right or wrong. It’s just one of our methods to support you and see things are moving in the right direction.

Unlike the normal depiction of the Hawkins model as a pyramid, life shows us it isn’t actually a linear journey from shadow emotions to light. Even at higher Levels of Consciousness, we are still likely to experience swings. These swings gradually become smoother and less volatile as we stabilize.

The most integrated people will still be purifying parts of the personality at really high levels of consciousness. It can be helpful to understand this, and to see the general trend of your Realization. Relaxing into exactly where you are, rather than trying to get anywhere. For this reason we have taken the numbers off the diagram to encourage people not to get too attached to it.

Spiritual check-In

Our energetic Consciousness Transmission process

Our collective offers transmissions to help you move deeper into awakening and a higher level of consciousness. But most importantly, we also support you in integrating this higher level.

(Between 1—1.5 hours)


Finding practical answers to your spiritual questions

Energy Assessment


Checking your Level of Consciousness to map progress between sessions.

Deep energetic transmission into your system


Rooting and grounding in the body, then a guided meditation and deep energetic Consciousness Transmission using a seven point chakra system.

Feeling and sensing the space in six directions


Experiencing and learning how to integrate and live from a place of Self Realization. Supported with an energetic Consciousness Transmission.

Check in at the end


Supporting you with what you need to open up towards the Truth of Enlightened Consciousness.

How much does it cost?

The first session is a sliding scale donation between $100 – $150.

This energy exchange is designed to balance accessibility, with ensuring people value the rareness of the work and the preparation involved in offering them.

Experience has shown that people can feel an impact after just one session. Within only 8 – 14 sessions, people will have integrated a significant benefit into their system. The transmissions are equivalent to receiving the attention of a spiritual master for 8–10 years. Even after this, most people would still not have developed a clarity of the True Nature of things, or come to a significant Level of Consciousness, or energetic integration.

If you are struggling financially, please don’t be afraid to get in touch. In some instances we may be able to still support you if we’re guided to do so.