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What exactly are

Consciousness Transmissions?

Energetic Consciousness Transmissions are known as the highest and rarest form of energy work. This is because the energy comes from someone who has stabilized at a high level of consciousness. 

The energy is refined and brings you into the natural state of non conceptual awareness, through the attainment of the person offering the session's own system.

In some Wisdom traditions it’s known as ‘Shivapat’. There are no side-effects and in sessions there’s nothing to do but receive. You can’t do anything wrong, the energy will always support you.

‘Shaktipat’ or Kundalini energy work is raw and unrefined energy. This means a person receiving might have a nice ‘experience’, but the energy is far less likely to be retained and integrated in your system and it wont raise your Level of Consciousness.

Do they work?

Our whole collective are real examples of how Consciousness Transmissions have dramatically changed lives. You can hear more examples from the testimonials of others on the homepage.

Even after one session it’s possible to notice changes, but transmissions have an accumulative effect. This means they have a greater effect when they are repeated. Over time your system receives more and more refined energy, raising your Level of Consciousness. With this there’s the possibility of big shifts as the Awakening process is accelerated and stabilized over time.

We encourage you to pay attention and notice what’s happening for you between sessions. For us the changes have been unquestionable and the practical benefit profound. For this reason we are all honored to have been initiated to offer transmissions to support others in also finding great clarity and having this stabilize.

Who are we to offer them?

The transmission happens not from our personal selves, but from our energetic systems having stabilized to a sufficient degree that will support others in opening up to a higher Levels of Consciousness. The transmissions bring in refined energy into your system to create this possibility.

Every member of the Consciousness Collective has great clarity and direct experience in the True Nature of reality. This allows us to mentor others to move towards this place.

What does it cost and why?

The cost for the first session is a sliding scale donation from $100 to $150.

The cost for following sessions is within or close to this range, but varies slightly for each member of the collective. The payment is a form of energetic exchange. It’s designed to balance accessibility, with ensuring people value the rareness of the work and the preparation involved in offering sessions. 

We want to you to experience sessions and see for yourself how much you value them. It’s likely you'll think they’re worth a lot more.

Receiving consciousness transmissions for free is not karmically favorable for the one offering the transmission and especially for the one receiving it, since it creates an imbalance and debt. When offered for free, either consciously or unconsciously, people do not value of the importance or significance of this work.

Experience has shown that people can feel an impact after just one session. Within only 8 – 14 sessions, people will have integrated a significant benefit into their system. 

A series of 8 – 14 transmissions are equivalent to receiving the attention of a spiritual master for 8 – 10 years. Even after this, most people would still not have developed a clarity of the True Nature of reality, or come to a significant Level of Consciousness, or energetic integration.

If you are struggling financially, please don’t be afraid to get in touch. In some instances we may be able to still support you if we’re guided to do so.

Are online or in person sessions better?

We offer both online and in person sessions. We have found that online sessions can actually be more powerful. There’s a feeling this is due to our physical bodies being apart, which helps people to become aware of the energetic body which is not limited to time and space. Try a session yourself and get direct experience of what happens for you.

How do I know if a spiritual mentor is safe and supportive?

A spiritual mentor will guide you inwards towards your Divine True Nature and outwards to the True Nature of reality. You should be accepted exactly as you are and be guided to let go of personal stories and strategies that no longer serve you. You should feel completely free to explore the spiritual field and find its nectar for yourself. Not limited by anyone else’s beliefs, concepts or desires. 

The following qualities are a helpful guide for what should be embodied by a spiritual mentor and how they should guide you:

• A person who does not distinguish between their self and another’s.
• Dropping self identification and ego.
• Non-violent thoughts and actions towards themselves and others. An openness to everyone.
• Acceptance and forgiveness to everyone.
• Kindness and modesty in speech and actions.
• Love and supportive behaviour towards all beings.
• Living life from the soul.
• Becoming free of the senses and desires.
• An understanding beyond good and bad.
• A stable abiding in Absolute Reality.

What’s the difference between spirituality and religion?

At the heart of all religions are mystics, and these mystics speak the same language. The language of love and unity.

Spirituality or mysticism, is about direct experience.The emphasis of religion is on having a common belief. Not necessarily encouraging people towards the direct experience — which is available to everyone.

Often religion innocently makes a distinction between individual, and Truth / Source / God. It can give the impression it’s far away and not something that can be experienced, but just something that can be worshiped. The belief can be enough.

For the mystic that’s not enough. They have to go all the way. This is what the Consciousness Collective is here to encourage people to do. To go all the way and not settle for belief, but to have direct experience of what Truth is.

In our spiritual journey it’s helpful for us to gradually let go of all religious and spiritual beliefs and concepts, and experience the True Nature of ourselves and Reality, beyond all limiting mind structures. Consciousness Transmissions will support you in finding this clarity.